Charity Calendar 2022

** All Calenders delivered and Pleased to say £650 will be handed over to the charity  - Hopefully we can improve on that for 2023! ""


As someone who grew up in a "challenging" area outside of Glasgow I was very fortunate to have a grandpa who was the best role model and helped me turn out "nae too bad".

In his memory I chose to volunteer with local Aberdeen charity Befriend a Child and whilst Covid and a change of circumstances brought that to an end I wanted to continue supporting the charity in some way and all the amazing work they do.

So I offer this calendar for sale, 100% of profits made will go to them and them alone.

Use the order link below to help support this wonderful cause and also have some nice photos in your own home or as a christmas gift for friends and family!

Have a watch of the video below to find out more about the amazing work they do at Befriend a Child